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What is a composite safety toe

Release time:2015-10-19 10:19:25

In recent years, the importance of security, safety inspection detected everywhere, people travel and life to a lot of trouble. So steel safety toe gradually replaced other non-magnetic material, and the application of FRP as a safety toe is an ideal choice. Glass fiber reinforced composite material toe can heat 200 ℃, cold -40 ℃, also acid, can meet the needs of the footwear manufacturing process and for the harsh climate of wearing environment. Experimental results show that glass safety toe very environmentally friendly, no recovery, long-term exposure to ultraviolet natural decomposition; with anti-static function, and anti-bacterial, non-toxic, non-volatile objects; in addition, there are thin and light, security is not deformation, etc., can absorb and break down the impact force. When faced with a great impact, the toe will be radial cracking, but not as depressed as deformed steel head, and thus will not hurt the feet, and thus play a very good protection. Production safety toe, steel toe steel use, change the shape of the desired high tooling costs, but fiberglass toe the lower tooling costs.
For shoe factory, the process does not need to make changes, which can be easily applied. And steel, aluminum and other alloys toe compared to fiberglass toe easier to bond with the materials, processing more convenient. In the end-user applications, in addition to enjoying basic safety features, due to the lightweight fiberglass toe, the wearer more comfort, not because of the loss of sense of balance with light and heavy head. Good resilience of the development of FRP fiberglass mat stretch, stretch fiberglass mat may be used alone or in combination in an ordinary insole. Stretch fiberglass mat in a standard foot-shaped molded with good walking posture correction function. Shock-absorbing midsole stretch wicking insoles through technical processing, has good shock, anti-bacterial deodorant, perspiration, breathable, comfortable and other effects, applicable to all types of shoes. The biggest advantage is its resilience features that make the wearer foot by force, and because the fiberglass in fiberglass was criss-cross arrangement, has a strong anti-nail puncture role. Currently, the global concept of environmental protection has been further reinforced, steel toe leather or lining material due to close fit, it can not be separated, it is difficult when the waste disposal and recovery, but the glass and steel toe Upper material can naturally break down, very in line with environmental trends. FRP elastic insoles also play safety shoes stab in the back iron effect, its resistance to corrosion, oxidation resistance and excellent resilience without distortion characteristics will become increasingly welcomed by the industry.

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