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How to choose safety shoes

Release time:2015-10-19 10:17:54

(1) In addition to protective footwear must choose the appropriate type according to the operating conditions, it should also fit, people feel comfortable to wear, it is important to carefully select the right shoe.
(2) have a non-slip protective shoes designed not only to protect the feet from injury, but also to prevent accidents caused by the operator to be slipping in.
(3) a variety of different properties of protective footwear, protective properties to reach their technical indicators, such as not being injured toe, soles of the feet are not hurt, insulated conductive requirements. However, safety shoes is not a panacea.
(4) prior to use protective shoes to carefully check or test, electrical and acid-base operations, broken and cracked protective shoes are dangerous.
(5) protective shoes after use to keep the rubber shoes with the use of water or disinfectant after washing and drying to extend life.
According to the estimated standard industrial safety shoes the most important feature is the toe to withstand 20 kg hard objects from 1 meter vertical landing impact, absorbing 200 joules of kinetic energy. Most contemporary safety shoes also added other safety features, the development of different types of products. Including just negatives designed to prevent foot was pierced with nails and other sharp objects. Other features include skid resistance [forward movement] and grip [backward movement]. Sole Other security features include preset minimum anti-static resistance, temperature change resistance, specific fuel and chemicals [pH] sex.
Comfort and health
Comfortable safety shoes can improve worker productivity, foot or leg to prevent chronic disease.
The most important indicator of comfort features include upper materials must meet specific criteria waterproof and breathable inner lining material should be easy to absorb sweat, [easily dispersed without shoes] and odors.
Other safety features include fit sole design, support, soft elasticity, foot and heel pad shock-proof design of the foot and arch.

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