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The importance of wearing safety shoes

Release time:2015-10-19 10:15:54

Labor protection products, is the protection of workers in the production process of personal safety and health necessary for a defensive equipment, to reduce occupational hazards plays an important role. If people do not wear a helmet, suffered injuries when, because of the injury of the head, it may cause serious injury or even death, but do not wear safety shoes, by contrast, the damage will be much lighter, very less life-threatening. It is also for this reason, proper safety shoes worn often overlooked workers.
According to a safety shoe factory Operations Supervisor presentation, a colleague went to a construction site inspection, we found that many workers are wearing sneakers, and even slippers. And in accordance with the provisions of, construction site workers must work requires, wear protective toe safety shoes, in order to avoid crushing hard objects, metal objects and other foot sprain.
Safety shoes can give full play to its protective function, greater attention must be available in the selection, use and maintenance aspects. Before you choose, we must first understand the cause major harm to employees injured foot, directly or indirectly:
First, it is hard, rolling or falling objects touch.
Second, pierced body of the shoe sole or sharp objects.
Third, it was cut sharp objects, and even the skin tear.
Fourth, the venue lubrication fall.
Fifth, exposure to chemicals, molten metal, high and low temperature surfaces.
Six, full of flammable gases in the work environment, the release of static electricity when handling inappropriate, then at any time into a fuel source, causing an explosion. In addition, the foot of the conductive contact also affect electrical installations, electric shock hazard level employees.
At present, the more common protective footwear including anti-smashing safety shoes, insulated shoes, anti-static and conductive shoes, steel shoes and shoe covers, cold shoes, in addition to road construction workers for the sole insulation for construction workers soles reinforcement, suitable for food, wine workers soles moisture protection shoes. The main function of protective footwear for the working environment and conditions set, generally have a non-slip, anti-piercing, anti-extrusion function, the other is with a specific function, such as anti-conductive, anti-corrosion.

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